Essential Oils

PSK_RainstoneHi! If you’re here that means you’ve probably stumbled across one of my brochures, business cards, or Facebook! Either way, I’m glad you’re here and curious about essential oils!

I started using essential oils about a few months ago. But, in that short time they have changed my life. I clean with them, make bath scrubs with them, use it in my food (yes, you can!) and much more. I hope to be able to share and spread the knowledge of essential oils. My company of choice is Young Living. Their oils are 100% pure. I know you can just slap that on a bottle and call it a day. But they manage and grow the crops on their own farms, you have the opportunity to visit these farms and see their process from start to finish. Feel free to ask me questions, or ask me how you can get everything pictured above!

For those that want to purchase:


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