Baby seedling line by Young Living
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All About the Young Living Seedlings Line

Young Living’s Seedlings™ line offers expertly created, essential oil-infused baby products that have been safely diluted for babies’ sensitive skin. Free from harmful ingredients, the line’s gentle, plant-based formulas have been specially created to carefully comfort infants and give parents peace of mind. Seedlings Baby Wash & Shampoo Made specifically for baby’s needs, Seedlings™ Baby… Continue reading All About the Young Living Seedlings Line

Spring Stuff
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Young Living Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If you need some fabulous ideas for a Mother's Day gift, I've got you covered. Here are some ideas for mom for to support her health and chemical free lifestyle! Essential Oil Basics Kit Comes with:   5-ml Thieves® essential oil blend 5-ml Lavender essential oil 5-ml Peppermint essential oil Essential Oils 101 booklet  … Continue reading Young Living Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Think Dirty App
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Talk Dirty To Me

Do you know what dirty chemicals are hiding in the cleaners you use to clean your home? We continue to "clean" our homes thinking that because it's on the shelves at the store that it is safe. I encourage you to be a conscious consumer. There are so many chemicals that are harmful. The hard truth… Continue reading Talk Dirty To Me

Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit
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Young Living Starter Kit

I've dabbled in oils here and there over the past few years because it smelled nice or because I read how lavender is relaxing and calming. But it really didn't do anything for me. Until a friend introduced me to Young Living essential Oils. My oily journey began with a Young Living Premium Starter Kit… Continue reading Young Living Starter Kit

Thieves Home Cleaning Kit
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10 DIY Cleaner Recipes with Thieves Household Cleaner

What if I told you that you can replace just about every household cleaner under your cabinets with one amazing, essential oil plant-based cleaner? Thieves. This household cleaner is your all purpose cleaner. Safe for you and your family. Straight from the Young Living website: "Formulated with the power of Young Living’s Thieves oil blend,… Continue reading 10 DIY Cleaner Recipes with Thieves Household Cleaner

wool dryer balls
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Lets Talk Balls

Wool dryer balls that is! Do you know what these fuzzy things are? They are your answer against fabric softener and dryer sheets. Did you know that fabric softeners and dryer sheets are linked to respiratory issues, skin irritation and more? The clothes sit on your skin (and in the most privatest of areas too!), you… Continue reading Lets Talk Balls

Dry Shampoo Recipe
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Dry Shampoo Recipe

Ahh dry shampoo. The secret in between hair washes. I've tried a couple of the spray on dry shampoos, but it just never worked with my fine, oily hair, or it left my hair looking a bit dull. And imagine all the chemicals in those sprays? Yuck. Here's a totally easy dry shampoo recipe, with… Continue reading Dry Shampoo Recipe