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17 Questions to Ask an Essential Oil Company

Let me first state that I am NOT here to tell you what essential oil company to choose. I encourage you to do your own research and see which company you think is best. I have my reasons for choosing Young Living and I personally think they’re the best. But, I want to give you some questions you should be asking essential oil companies. There are reasons why one brand might be cheaper than the other and you might find your answer from one of these questions.

1. Do they provide Complete Distill oils or 1st Distill oils?

2. Do they distill oils using solvents?

3. Do they bottle their own oil?

4. Do they own their own farms? If they do not own their own farms, what controls do they have in place?

Ask the following:

5. Do they provide the seeds?

6. Do they know what pesticides are being used?

7. Do they know if the ground is organic? (Must have been organic for a minimum of 50 years to be considered organic.)

8. Do they discard any mistakes or are they resold to other companies?

9. Can anyone visit the farm to see how they are made?

10. Are the distillation drums cone shaped or dome shaped at the top? (Cone shaped is better, most use dome.) They usually do not know this, so ask if there are any photos of their distilleries on the walls in their corporate headquarters or in any of their marketing materials.

11. When they finalize their production of an oil, do they test it? Is the testing done in house only or do they also have a third party testing for purity?

12. Do they have any trained people on staff who are trained nose people? There are less than 200 of these specialists in the whole world.

13. Do they test their oils side by side with other oils?

14. Do they test for when the peak harvest time is?

15. Do they harvest at the peak time?

16. Do they have to recall their oils?

17. Do they recommend to NOT ingest their oils?


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